What Champions Schools are Saying

  • "Champions In The Middle has helped to improve our overall culture at the JH level. Our HS was already a Champions Together School and students wanted to be part of this program. To see the students interact, smile, and truly open their hearts to acceptance of all students has been phenomenal! I love to walk down the halls and see our students smiling, talking, and interacting with all students. Students working together to make a difference one day at a time and one smile at a time leaves me speechless. I love what this program brings to South Ripley" (Destiny Rutzel)

    "Students who used to walk the halls looking at the floor, now walk with their heads high and give high-fives all the way to class." - Dan Bailey, mentor

    "Athletes now come through my classroom giving hugs to students they once never knew."

    "The most influential Anti-Bullying program I have ever been a part of" Oscar Haughs, RMS Principal.