IMLEA and Horace Mann have partnered for the last several years to recognize students, teachers, administrators, support personnel, and parents for outstanding contributions in support of their school. Our Board of Directors has decided to make the nomination shorter and the award given for “above and beyond” efforts and achievement. We hope to be able to recognize a greater number of students and teachers. The award is now open to any student in grade 5 – 9 or for any teacher with any number of years of experience.  Any certified staff member may nominate a student or a colleague, but the nomination form must be signed by a building administrator.

Teachers designated as "STAR" winners are recognized in honor of Dr. Roger Boop, a retired professor from the education department at Butler University and long time friend and supporter of IMLEA.

The nominee must have done something extraordinary in their school and/or community. Students must have a passing grade average. The nomination form will ask for a narrative explaining the the reason for nominating this person. The form may be found by clicking on the link below.  The nomination will then be reviewed by the Executive Committee and judged as to its merits for the award.

If accepted the recipient will be notified and a Horace Mann representative or IMLEA Board member will come to the recipient’s school to present the award of an engraved trophy and polo shirt signifying this person as an IMLEA  “Shining Star.”

IMLEA is grateful to the Horace Mann Companies for their generous funding and support of these awards. For questions, call the IMLEA office at 317-894-2937.