Joint AMLE/IMLEA Membership for Schools 

For District-WIde Joint Memberships (Multiple Middle Level Schools in a District), Please Contact IMLEA

AMLE-IMLEA Joint Individual Membership Form-$94.99 for both

For IMLEA Membership Alone:

You may now join online -  Click Here to Join IMLEA Online  (See price structure below)
In addition to individual memberships, IMLEA now offers District-Wide and Institutional Memberships with several options. 

Click Here to Download a Membership form to mail or fax to IMLEA

Membership Cost Structure

 You may also access this information by downloading the application form above.

The IMLEA Board voted to change newsletter distribution to make it easier for member schools to share the information with staff electronically. See the membership choices and benefits below.

All memberships include “Member Only” Access to Website –; member discounts on all IMLEA events and IMLEA partner discounts – see partners’ list on

            Institutional Memberships – all certified staff belong with full benefits, based on enrollment:

     ______Student Enrollment Below 125 - $100 includes 2 newsletters and newsletter pdf

             ______Student Enrollment 126 – 350 - $200 includes 4 newsletters and newsletter pdf

                   ______Student Enrollment 351 or more - $300 includes 6 newsletters and newsletter pdf

                           ______Individual IMLEA Membership - $50 – includes 1 newsletter 

All institutional member principals will receive a pdf of the IMLEA 12-page newsletter, which can be forwarded to all staff members. The print copies can be available in your office, staff lunchroom, or area of your choice. All educators who have an article published will receive a mailed print copy.

 District  Institutional Membership

                   ______For districts with more than 1 middle level school - if all  middle/intermediate schools join, the cost will be - $250 per school. In K-8 buildings, grades 5 – 8 can be counted as a middle school. Please submit an application for each separate school.

_____AMLE-IMLEA Joint Individual Membership Form-$94.99 for both

You may also fax your purchase order to (317) 454-0749. An invoice for your membership costs will then be faxed back to you. Questions - Contact IMLEA Office - PH:  317-894-2937 or Email: 

What are the benefits of IMLEA Membership? 

Click here to read our Membership Benefits Letter



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