• Articles and pictures for the newsletter may be submitted anytime to imlea@iasp.org or to imleanews@comcast.net 

    The Spring, 2018 IMLEA newsletter was mailed out to schools the week of March 26, 2018.

    The Fall IMLEA newsletter was mailed out to schools and individuals the first week of Oct., 2017   

    (Please note: This issue had many photos, so it make take a few minutes to download, especially on mobile.)

    IMLEA's print Newsletter is published in the Fall and in the Spring -
    the deadlines are Sept. 15 and Mar. 1. The newsletter is 12 pages or more and contains news from the IMLEA office, articles from IN middle level educators, special feature columns from related state organizations and ads from our corporate partners about their new products. Articles and pictures may be submitted to our Newsletter Editor, Vicki Wertz at imleanews@comcast.org. Questions about advertising may be answered by calling 317-894-2937 or emailing imlea@iasp.org.